Highly Rigid Body

To utilise the vehicle’s performance in the best possible way, a highly rigid body is required, while a lighter body is also essential for increasing driving performance. For an ideal balance of both of these qualities, Subaru has created a highly rigid and lightweight body by comprehensively using aluminium materials and high tensile steel plates throughout the vehicle. A degree of flexibility has also been incorporated to allow the chassis, and suspension movements in particular, to perform better.

A safer vehicle focused on the Ring-Shaped Reinforced Frames

For better safety in the event of an accident, Subaru has implemented its own technical development based on examinations of actual accidents. One of the most significant results that benefits protection in all directions is the “Ring-Shaped Reinforced Frames”. Each pillar, including the centre pillar, body side frames and floor crossmember are positioned in a ring-like layout, all connected to form a protective shell. This cage-like design firmly encompasses the driving area that is the cabin. In addition to this is the structure of the front of the vehicle, only made possible by longitudinally mounting the Horizontally-Opposed Engine. The side frames extend straight from the cabin to the position of the bumpers in a symmetrical manner to create a frame layout that absorbs energy from frontal collisions effectively. These qualities all ensure that the Ring-Shaped Reinforced Frames provides a balance between protecting against collisions and controlling energy dissipation, from any direction. The result is the world's leading safety levels.