A high-efficiency powertrain
with minimal waste
The key lies with just how much power the engine can generate from a minimal quantity of fuel, and how that power can be transmitted to the wheels without any loss through the transmission system. Subaru continues to fine-tune the technology behind the engine and transmission with the belief that they can be engineered to deliver the level of drivability that Subaru strives for, without having a detrimental impact on the environment.
Next-generation SUBARU BOXER (the FB engine)
A new generation of engine for more driving fun, using less energy
The new BOXER engine has a longer stroke design and a more compact combustion chamber, as well as dual AVCS that increases intake and exhaust efficiency, lighter pistons and less friction throughout the engine to attain supreme combustion efficiency and fuel efficiency. And the engine also delivers mountains of low to mid-range torque for feisty acceleration and easier day-to-day drivability. A truly new generation of engine that is easy on the environment, as well as fun on the road.
SUBARU BOXER “Direct Injection Turbo”
Direct Injection Turbo engine for extreme power and fuel efficiency
Subaru’s first Direct Injection Turbo engine uses direct injection technology to provide precision control of fuel injection, resulting in high compression and operating efficiency that was considered impossible with existing turbo engines. The 2.0ℓ engine packs sports performance more similar to larger capacity engines, with low fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions.
CVT (continually variable transmission) that keeps the engine in the optimum efficiency range
The transmission developed by Subaru is called “Lineartronic,” a longitudinally-mounted chain-driven continually variable gearbox. Keeping the engine in its most efficient operating range achieves outstanding fuel efficiency and a linear acceleration feel. Smooth, non-step acceleration means there are no major jolts when the gears change, and the system is so silent, both qualities that make Lineartronic so appealing.
Subaru’s hybrid, more than just fuel efficiency
So, what is a Subaru hybrid? The answer is more than just great fuel efficiency, as it is one that also provides “driving enjoyment.” Heavy components such as motors and batteries are mounted in a unique symmetrical layout, resulting in a hybrid vehicle that does not affect the core qualities of the symmetrical AWD system. The result is sharp handling not available with other hybrids, extremely stable drivability, and simply outstanding fuel efficiency. This is a clear departure from ordinary hybrid cars that only aim to achieve better fuel efficiency, in that it embodies driving enjoyment that only Subaru can deliver.