Enjoying the drive,
while conserving the environment
While raising a car’s fuel efficiency is important, making the driver aware of the significance of environmentally-friendly driving habits is just as vital. Ongoing efforts are being made for the development of eco-friendly devices that operate as a communication interface between the driver and their car.
ECO gauge
ECO gauge as an indicator of fuel efficient driving
An “ECO gauge” has been installed within the meters to serve as a guide for fuel efficient driving. The pointer on the ECO gauge helps to notify the driver whether they are driving in an eco-friendly manner. By assisting the driver in keeping the ECO gauge pointer in the “+” area, fuel efficiency can be improved by about 5% (in-house measurements).
* Measured in-house, may differ depending on driving conditions.
SI-DRIVE to choose the best efficiency
SI-DRIVE is Subaru’s proprietary drive assist system that offers three different driving modes at the touch of a single switch. SI-DRIVE is one solution developed by Subaru to extract the vehicle’s underlying driving enjoyment while also being mindful of the environment. SI-DRIVE offers driving enjoyment, from Eco-driving to sporty performance.